Enquiry Manager

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This extension helps you to manager customer's enquiry and product's question quickly by database, you can get customer's orders easier even customer didn't login or register. You still can get all messages by same E-Mail.
In Admin, you can setting your reply template for quick reply also.


  • Merger enquiries by Customer ID, Order ID or E-Mail.
  • Support Enquiry Type and Orders for Contact Us page. 
  • Support Product Question in Product page.
  • Use HTML codes for reply in Admin.
  • Support Enquiry Template for quick reply.
  • Support Layout in Design page.
  • Support multiple Store and Language.
  • Show newest enquiries on Dashboard.
  • Installation by one click.
  • No files will be overwritten.


  1. In Administration Panel
  2. Check Latest Enquiries on Dashboard page.
  3. Click Enquiry Manager > Enquiry Type to define your enquiry type.
  4. Click Enquiry Manager > Enquiry Template to define your reply template.
  5. Click Enquiry Manager > Enquiry Inbox to view and reply.
  6. From Home page, open Contact Us form and fill it for Enquiry Type and Order ID. 
  7. From Home page, open Order History, view Order Info and reply form if you've enquiry it before. 


Please try register to a customer and make any order first.
You will see Contact Type and Order ID Select list (if you have buy some things first...)

Admin: Left Menu: Enquiry Manager

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